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Kiddee Bilingual Daycare & Kindergarten

A warm place like home & a place to learn and explore with fun!


Daycare -  Kindergarten -  Camp

   We offer three basic programs to serve the needs of our young learners. All of which includes English Language instruction with Native English Speakers, a ton of knowledge, and fun.


    To provide a safe and child-friendly environment where children can play with others while learning valuable social and language skills, to instill a love of learning, respect for oneself and others, and the pursuit of excellence.

                                                     - Kiddee


    Kids thrive in an environment where they are encouraged to be creative and embrace their imagination, playing make-believe, and sharing stories are just a few ways kids can express their creativity. Kids must have fun while exploring their imaginative side.


    Kindergarten is a time for kids to experience different kinds of learning and being on their own. Whether it be learning how to interact with other kids, learning about classrooms, or learning how to be away from their parents. 


   Kindergarten is a big step for many kids, but it's undoubtedly a step that helps them develop and grow.


Kiddee Food


     Once children start kindergarten or school, life takes on a new routine.  A regular intake of food is needed throughout the day to keep children active and help their concentration while learning.  Kiddee is always providing healthy and clean food, as we know that  

Healthy foods have nutrients that are important for growth, development, and learning.


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