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A place to explore and learn with fun

Kiddee philosophy and approach

     Our philosophy at Kiddee is that all children are unique individuals each with distinctive interests leading their own learning journey. We build on children’s curiosity and inquisitive nature by using a theme-based approach.


    Students lead in their learning while the teachers act as observing guides creating the right environment and providing support.


Social and emotional learning

     Developing positive social and emotional skills are critical in the early years of ones’ life.


     Therefore, it is emphasized in Kiddee’s holistic learning approach. Children are taught to respect others opinions and thoughts which will nurture them to communicate and become good team players.   


Our facilities have been carefully designed to include:


   • Outdoor playground with sand play area

   • Gardening corner

   • Classrooms with large windows and lots of natural light

   • Air purifiers inside every classroom

   • Relaxing corner with storybooks and cushions 

   • CCTV camera in every room

   • Kids library with a diverse range of books

   • Lunchroom

   • Kids sized toilets and low sinks

   • School bus service available                              


       Our philosophy is that children learn best through engaging and meaningful play, interactions, and exploration. We build off of that belief by creating the appropriate learning scenarios.


- Small class sizes (maximum 12 children per classroom)

- Bilingual (English and Thai)

- Fun weekly themes

- Arts and Craft

- Exercise and yoga class                 

- Cooking/Baking class

Our team of teachers and teacher assistants focus on stimulating children in all 7 developmental domains:

Understanding the World

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Expressive Arts and Design


Personal, Social, and Emotional development


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