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키드 데이 케어

Kiddee Daycare는 1.5 세에서 3 세 사이의 유아를 위해 설계되었습니다.

어린이집에서 아이들은 서로, 그리고 선생님들과 교류하고 놀 수 있습니다! 활동에는 놀이터에서 즐기기, 음악 듣기, 새로운 노래 배우기, 공예품 만들기 등이 포함됩니다!

Our daycare kids have a dedicated playroom, and we also have an airy cafeteria, library and large outdoor play space, all set within our purpose built home-style building. Each room also has an air purifier, air conditioning and a quiet corner with books.


We specialize in small class sizes – no more than 8 per class, which allows us a high staff to child ratio. It is important to us to foster a family feel and environment, to ensure kids have the best experience with us.


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