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    Teachers have such an important and diverse role, they are not only teachers, but they are mentors, cheerleaders, and friends.

    A great teacher knows the way each student learns and will create a fun lesson that suits everyone.

    When it comes to a students education, a great teacher is supposed to show them and bring the ability to access the imagination and long life learning.


My name is Avika Burn and I'm really excited to be working at Chiang Mai Kiddee. I am from England and recently moved to Chiang Mai.

During the years I have enjoy teaching and working with children. I have exprience across all areas from arts and crafts to English and Languages.

Working with children is very rewarding and it is a pleasure to see the students grow and develop. I want to make the learning experience as fun as possible whilst guiding on social and non-academic principles too. I hope to be able to teach them good values, and most of all they have a great time learning at Kiddee. 


Kru Kook is an experienced kindergarten assistant teacher and provides excellent care for children.


New students are always well looked after and feel comfortable and adapt quickly due to Kru Kook support and attentive care.


Kru Kook is also very fun and creative and helps us co-teach Thai classes and prepare fun events and activities. 

Khun Da is our sweet cook lady. Every day she cooks our lunch with so much effort and love.


Kiddee’s children always say yummy today’s lunch is delicious!  


Khun Da also ensures that Kiddee’s toys and classrooms are kept clean for children’s health and safety.


Kru Aem has been with Kiddee for many years. She is our Thai language teacher. Her classes are well-structured and fun, including lots of singing and dancing. Kids love going to Kru Aem’s lesson!

Kru Aem is also a very experienced Daycare teacher. She looks after children aged 1.5 – 3 years old with gentle motherly care.

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Would you like to work with us?

Determine your personal philosophy and work ethic with us with your resume. We would love to hear from you, and our space is opening for everyone who wants to be a part of Kiddee.

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